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News — 2008

Cococommando! Captain Coco!

We have the new tokidoki Captain Coco vinyl toys. It is part of the Cococommando series. It is very cute and measures 5" tall. It is packaged with an oversized removable coconut helmet and pineapple grenade companion, $19.99.



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New Camilla D'Errico Tees!


We have these great new t-shirts from Camilla d'Errico for men and women. We only have a small amount of these. So, don't hesitate to get one, or it will be gone in your size.


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Great New Stuff


Happy Friday everyone! It's Lindsay here, showng you some of the new great new stuff like the Hello Kitty Painter Plushes. There are four different styles and colors! If you're interested having the whole set, I'd recommend acting fast. We often run out of just one or two colors and people get sad. They are only $12.99, so great!

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OMG! So Much New Stuff!


Sorry I haven't been blogging this week. Instead of daily blogging, I am now doing as much blogging as possible. It's way too hard to do it daily...the next blog will be super packed though, with all this stuff:

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Gloomy Halloween Fun!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone has lots of fun tonight! Come to JapanLA and get free candy this weekend! These are the new Gloomy Bears that walk!


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