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Cococommando! Captain Coco!

November 12, 2008

We have the new tokidoki Captain Coco vinyl toys. It is part of the Cococommando series. It is very cute and measures 5" tall. It is packaged with an oversized removable coconut helmet and pineapple grenade companion, $19.99.




Captain Coco was once a simple and carefree monkey, living in a lush tropical paradise among his jungle friends. One day, smoke and noise woke Coco from a lazy afternoon nap; his jungle home was being invaded by evil developers! Captain Coco knew what he had to do. He alerted his pals and together they formed the Cocommando. The Cocommando patrols the jungle, teaching everyone to appreciate the wonder of nature as a unique and precious treasure, while protecting the beauty of the land.



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