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New And Cute

November 14, 2008

Come to our shop this weekend and see some of the many new things at JapanLA! The first thing I'll show you today are the new Gloomy Bear Animal Print Plushes. They are fun and sort of pretty! What do you think?


Next up! This is the Broken Gloomy Teddy Bear. We've had this before, but we finally got just a few more. He's so cute and sad.


Here's something funny. The Gloomy Bear Vampire Plushes are another Gloomy Bear toy we've received recently that moves. You put 3 AA batteries in their little backs, push the button in their hands, and their wings flap! SUPER AWESOME.



These are so fun! These are the new socks we got from Spicy Brown. We have three different styles; The Kokeshi faces, the TofuRobot, and Geta2. I've already gotten some for myself. They are not toe socks, but the knee-hi ones do have little things for your big toe and the rest of your toes like mittens for your feet! The neat thing about that was that when I needed to go outside really quick I was able to put my flip-flops on without having to take off my socks.

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