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Kyle Can't Turn Left

November 21, 2008


Today Kyle dropped by, and while I ate my sandwich I watched him model some of our new t-shirts! We got in 8 new men's shirts from tokidoki, this is one of them called the Walking Walkman shirt. Do you know why?! That question was rhetorical. The banana he is holding is super fun and you can find it on our store by dropping by or calling until I can get that on the website.



We got in a bunch of new tokidoki girls tees too! Sorry, no girl model today, so just pics of the graphics. These are very cute!

Here's another new shirt from tokidoki. It's called the katana tee.


We also got some new shirts from Upper Playground. There's some really good stuff you'll be able to find in our online store, but this one might be my favorite. It's called the Hairdo Teeand it's designed by David Choe. It also comes in a neat little hoodie.




And finally, we have these Gloomy Tin Keychains. They are only $6 and you can put anything you can fit in them. If you get one, send us a photo and tell us what you use them for!



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