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Great New Stuff

November 07, 2008


Happy Friday everyone! It's Lindsay here, showng you some of the new great new stuff like the Hello Kitty Painter Plushes. There are four different styles and colors! If you're interested having the whole set, I'd recommend acting fast. We often run out of just one or two colors and people get sad. They are only $12.99, so great!



These are the new Hello Kitty cushions of our friend Hello Kitty wearing a skull or pirate costume. Go great on a chair, bed, or couch. $30. Absolutely awesome!



What the Hello Kitty Puzzle Gum?! These are neat, 56 piece sets. It's priced $8. There's nothing better than cute candy you can play with.



Here's something super cute- the Hello Kitty Parlour Blind Boxes. And when Jamie opened one today it turned out to be way bigger than I thought it was going to be. Only $6! I'm hoping a lot of you will love these 'cause I think they're pretty fantastic.





You can make your own decoration for a window or wall with these Deco Peta Art kits in Hello Kitty and Sugarbunnies. Each kit is $12 each.



These new little Hello Kitty Water dispensers are awesome. They are not that big, only 17" tall which means it might be perfect for a work desk or bathroom. These is so cheap too, only $15!! There are two colors, yellow and pink



This and the next item are available only by phone order. This is the blinged out chococat ring. This adjustable ring is $25 and has the cutest little nose on the planet.



This is the neatest thing ever, a Hello Kitty Toaster Oven. It costs $90.00, and we only have 2 in stock so if you want it, pick up the phone and grab it quick! Here, I'll even give you our phone number...
Japan LA: (323) 934-5201.
Pictured are also the Pop-Up Toaster, which is $48 and the Coffee Maker, which is $49.50.

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