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Gloomy Halloween Fun!

October 31, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone has lots of fun tonight! Come to JapanLA and get free candy this weekend! These are the new Gloomy Bears that walk!


I made this video of the new Gloomy Bears that walk around and drag Pity around. They come in pink or grey, $28 each, they are about 13 inches tall, and take 3 AA batteries.



These are the new special 30 Year Anniversary of Space Invader and Gloomy Bear collaboration. These are about 10" tall, $28 each. They come in white or pink and have square eyes and Space Invader t-shirts. There is also a black one like the black monster from the Space Invader game. All 3 of them have "30 Year Anniversary Space Invader" on the bottom of Gloomy's foot.

Come by JapanLA this weekend and check out new stuff this weekend!

Happy Halloween!



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