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Random Blog Of Random Things!

Here is some random stuff we have at JapanLA that you may have not noticed or may not know what it is, but it is awesome! Here you go!


We have these Rilakuma and Korilakkuma Bears in Cow Suits. I really like this because Rilakuma or "Relaxed Bear" is a bear dressed in a bear suit, and now he is dressed in a cow suit. Super random and doesn't make sense = perfect. These are $15 each.


These are called "Girly Sweets Charms." There are 12 different kinds and they are blind packaged, so you can't pick which one you get. You can clip these onto a necklace, bracelet, cellphone, anywhere you can think of, $2.25 each.


These are called Koedaliens. These come blind boxed, and there are 6 different characters and 1 secret character, $7 each. Here is the story about these: "Koedalien" is a remix of "Koeda chan", a classic Japanese character since 1977. After many years of success, "Koeda chan" ended her long career in 1993. However, in 2004, after great anticipation, the Koeda chan character was revived! Her sweetness has captured not only the original fans but also new generations as well. "Koedalien" is the new "Koeda chan " for adults to remind them of their childhood. The character design is by Noriya Takeyama who is also known for creating "Pooly's".


Here are the Hello Kitty Bling rings we got in too. The one on the left is a bubbly, round one and Hello Kitty has a red bow, this one is $38 and comes in ring size 7 or 8. The one on the right is a little smaller and has light pink jewels in the face and a brighter pink flower instead of her bow. This one is adjustable and $32.

I had to include this random You Tube video of this cat named Tama. Thank you Plasticgodfor sending me this, I love it!



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