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Cooking With Hello Kitty! HK Money! Nails! Earrings!

September 11, 2009

We have lots of new Hello Kitty at JapanLA right now!


Hello Kitty Money!

It's only play money, but still pretty cool, $12 per box, includes wallet, fake credit cards, and money! Pretty awesome!



Cooking is more fun with Hello Kitty! Spatula, whisk, ladle and mixing utensil, $18 each.



Flexible Hello Kitty Cutting Board, $12.



HK Cookie Cutters! They come in a cute bag, and include directions and a cookie recipe.



Here are all the cookie cutters you get in one pack, $15.



HK Timer, $12.



Mini Tea Set, $10.95. This is tiny, good to use with mini food.



New luggage tags, hamburger or chocolate bar kitty, $12.00 each.



Press-On Hello Kitty Nails. I love these. Finally, not for kids. These are adult sizes, $14 for 10 nails.



Hello Kity Earring sets, $8.95 per set.



And, we just got these 3 popular items back in stock! Hello Kitty bling locket necklace, $35, bling and black bow necklace, $26, HK bling earrings, $32 per pair.



And, we have the HK Contact Lens Cases back in. These always sell out fast, $16...and a new kitty face wallet, $16.50, and kitty holding bear keychain, $5.95.



Look! It's the Gloomy Bear Plush Hat! I got the last 12 from my distributor. So, this will be the last of these hats. So, if you want these for Halloween, get them now! $28 each.

We also got more Hello Kitty Pet Hats in! (we posted these before on a past blog, $9.50)

(Sorry, the Hello Kitty items are available in the store only, or you can call us and we will be happy to do a phone order for you, or email order.)

Have a great weekend!

XO, Jamie

Come visit us at the shop! We are open everyday 11am- 7pm and Saturday, 11am - 8pm.

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