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Bunny Kitty! Cram Cream! Awesomeness!

September 27, 2009

Sorry for lagging on posting new blogs. Things have been hectic around here. JapanLA is curating the Hello Kitty Art Show, as part of the "Three Apples 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty Exhibition." The event will take place at Royal/T Cafe/Shop/Art Space. 80 Popular Artists will be creating art pieces of Hello Kitty. The art will be for sale and part of the proceeds will go to the charity, LA Works. There is more info on and they are updating that website with all the artists and events going on. The Exhibition is October 23 - Nov 15. Hope you can stop by. I'll post more info next week, including the names of all the artists participating in the show!

Now time for some new stuff we have in at JapanLA! And new people! This is Stephanie, she is going to be helping me around JapanLA with modeling clothing and other stuff.



Stephanie is wearing a super cute shirt by "Bunny Kitty." I love animals dressed in other animals. This shirt is $30. This one is black with dark purple glittery print.


It also comes in a white tee with black print too! ($30)


We also have this yellow Bunny Kitty tee. So cute! It also comes on a black tee and white tee, $30.


Bunny Kitty Earrings...$15 per pair.


New CRAM CREAM STUFF. Bags you can use as a purse or lunch bag...Here is bear and frog. These measure 9.5" wide x 6.5" tall, and have a shoulder strap attached, $27 each.


And, there is a cake one too.


Smaller, zippered pouches, in bear or panda. You can use for make up or whatever. These measure 6.5" wide x 5" tall, $17 each.


Chick Bento Box, 5.5" wide x 4.5", $13. Apple shaped ice cube tray, $7. Apple or Potato or Peeler in general, shaped like a squid, $8.


New Octopus Tee, by Poketo, $28.


Gold Cat Bag, 11.5" x 7", $26. Also available in rabbit.


Cram Cream Coinpurse, 4.5" x 4", $12. Make-up/Pencil Bag, 8" x 4", $14.


Cute Plastic/Vinyl Bag, 11.5" x 9", $18


Red Mushroom Toothbrush holder, 5.5" wide, $10...Pink Mushroom Soap dispenser, 6.5" tall, $13.


Harajuku Lovers Sweets Tank, $30.


Harajuku Lovers Sweets Hoody, $56.


Harajuku Lovers Sweets Tee, $20


New Lolligag Tee, $19.95

Ok...that's enough for now. There's even more new stuff if you come to the shop right now. I will post these items on the online shop this week...or call or email us if you really want something and want to make sure to get it before we sell out.


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