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New tokidoki Stella Nera Bags! HK Tees!

September 05, 2009

We just got in the new tokidoki bags! They are called Stella Nera...They have Adios Stars on a black background. They also have other black tokidoki symbols and characters printed in black in the background. It is hard to see in the picture, but you can kinda see it.


This is the Elegante Style, $168.


This is the Crossbody Style. The strap is adjustable, so it allows you to use this bag in several ways. You can make the strap long and wear it across your body. You can double the strap up and wear it over your shoulder, or you can wear it around your waist and use it as a waist bag...very cool, $68.


This is the Nobile bag...It is a super cute, hobo style bag, $108.


This is the Compagno, wallet. Good for guys too, $58.


This is the Cosmetic Bag. It has a mirror on the inside flap, $48.


Poco Poco is the camera/phone case, $58.


Centro is the smaller handbag version of the Elegante, but still a good size, $138.


Incontro is the messenger bag style purse, $128.



Here is the new backpack called "Esplorare," $188.


And, the Baby Bag, which comes with a changing pad with the same print as the bag. This bag can also be used as an overnight bag too, if you don't have a baby, $240.

We also have some very cute Hello Kitty Tees!


This is the "Rice Rice Baby!" Hello Kitty Tee, $29.95


And, Hello Kitty in an Ice-Cream Cone, $29.95. The shirts are soft, and scoop-neck and fit really cute.


And, we have Hello Kitty Lolita plush in, but only a small amount, $19 each.

And, Hello Kitty Fluffy Animal Plush, $18 each.

Everything is on the online store, except the Lolita Hello Kitty and Animal Hello Kitty. You have to call or email us if you want to order those.

We are open all weekend, including Monday, Labor Day too!

XO, Jamie

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