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News — 2016

Museum of Gudetama! NEW Gudetama Goodies!

Gudetama looks so cultured & sophisticated dressed up as famous classical art pieces like The Scream and Mona Lisa! Sketchbook $7, Memopad $4, Postcards $2 each.

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New Sanrio for the New Year!

Start the New Year off right with these super cute 2017 Sanrio Calendars! All of these Calendars are available in store or you can call/email us to make a special order, $2.75 - $11.50 each.

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The Cutest Giant Plush for Christmas Eve!

Need a last minute Christmas Gift? We are open today on Christmas Eve from 10am - 5pm! Giant Plush will make everyone's kawaii Christmas dreams come true! 

Surprise them with a Giant Alpacasso Plush! Measures 26" tall and is super fluffy & soft. Imported from Japan, $225.

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JapanLA Gift Cards! Last Minute Gifts!

Need a last minute Christmas Gift? It's not too late, just order a JapanLA Gift Card and email it to whoever you like.

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New Pusheen & Totoro have Arrived!!

Last Minute Shopper Alert! These new Pusheen items have just arrived today! Just in time for your holiday gifts!!!

Choose your favorite Internet Kitty Pusheen holding ice-cream or a donut, $25.99, or as a mermaid $26.99. Small pink or mint plush, $12.99.

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