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Museum of Gudetama! NEW Gudetama Goodies!

December 31, 2016

Gudetama looks so cultured & sophisticated dressed up as famous classical art pieces like The Scream and Mona Lisa! Sketchbook $7, Memopad $4, Postcards $2 each.

Frame your own art in this super cute Gudetama Picture Frame, $24.

Make drawing more fun with a Gudetama Flip Pen! When you click the pen, the Gudetama plate on top flips, $12 each.


Snuggle up with these cute Gudetama Plush! The Gudetama Tamago Sushi separates and turns into a cute pillow & blanket set! Sleepover Set $42, Bacon Plush, $15.25

Set the table with these cute Sanrio Original Ceramic Gudetama dishes, Made in Japan! Earthenware Pot $60, Rice Bowl $11, Mug $13, Medium Dish $15, Large Dish $26, Spoon $11.

We have Melamine Dishes too, great for kids! Cups & Plate $8.75 each.

Keep your cute new dishes clean with these matching sponges! Choose between Gudetama Laying Down or Sitting in an Eggshell, only $5 each. 

We will be open today from 11am - 5pm for New Year's Eve & we will be closed on New Years Day!

Check out our Instagram for more cute Gudetama stuff! We post NEW things everyday! 

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