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New Sailor Moon Goodies! Bags! Plush! Tees! Figures!

December 19, 2016

NEW Sailor Moon Goodies have arrived at JapanLA! These items are all official Sailor Moon items and make great Holiday gifts for your friends who love the Sailor Scouts! Check them out this weekend in store & online!

New! Artemis & Luna Plush Backpacks $36.99 each, Artemis Large Face Tote $36.99, Luna Plush Face Bag $32.

Luna & Artemis Drawstring Bags, $20 each 

Artemis & Luna Plush, $13.99 each.

Sailor Moon Stars Tee $22, & Sailor Moon Holding Wand Tee $25. Available in Adult Women's Size S-M-L-XL-XXL

Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Velvet Choker $15.99

Sailor Moon Q Posket Figures, $27.50 each.

Cute Pin Sets! Choose Luna & ArtemisSailor Mercury & Sailor VenusSailor Moon & Icon, $6.99 each

Sailor Moon Sticker Sheets $5 each, Large Individual Stickers $3.25 each.

Sailor Scout Patches, $5 each.

Sailor Moon Knee High Socks, $6.99 each.


More cute Sailor Moon items available in-store, including buttons, plush wands, plush pens & more! Check out our Instagram for new stuff that keeps coming in daily!!

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