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Spicy Brown Love...

March 22, 2007
Hi! We just got new JapanLA stickers. Come to JapanLA and we will give you some. I heart JapanLA...

We just got in a bunch of new Spicy Brown stuff...This is tofu robot...the shirts are $22, tote bags are $16

I love the sushi cats tshirt ($22)...and afroken ($19)

They make sushi dogs too now...and we have tire dogs...large is $25...medium is $12...In the background is Harajuku Lovers stuff, the animal cracker tube top is $48, and the ice-cream shirt is $44, (on the back it says, "I fall in love with you, you are my favorite food."

We have some guys stuff too..

and we have the new hoodie with the cherry blossom on the hood...$48

We have a lot of new tank tops too, ($20)...The one in the picture above says, "Mi So Happy,"...and we have the hot pink sushi cat one below, and the brown ringer tee that Steph is wearing...ha ha...blogspace picture...

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