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New tokidoki x Hello Kitty Clothing Is Here!

May 02, 2008

Hi, We just got in the tokidoki x Hello Kitty clothing! It is limited to only a few stores. Here are the pics and prices. They are on our online store too!

Here is the new short-sleeved hoody, it is black with all-over print hello kitty and tokidoki inside the hood and pockets, and it has a cute red bow on top of the hood, like Hello Kitty and cute red heart buttons, $92.

The back has "tokidoki for Hello Kitty" and Cactus girl and Hello Kitty dressed in a cactus suit printed on the back.

Here is the all-over print t-shirt, it is a fitted, cotton shirt, $48.


Here are pics of the tank tops, they're $40 each.


And the shorts are super cute too! They're $48

Here is the new Mozzarella and Hello Kitty red t-shirt, $48

And the black t-shirt with Hello Kitty and Devil cooking hot dog, $48


Here is Cactus Girl and Hello Kitty dressed in a cactus suit on a sea foam green t-shirt, front and back, $48

We only got a small amount of the tube top, $52, it's black with red and white striped trim, with tokidoki girl kissing Hello Kitty


and here's the red and white striped tank, $52, we only have a few of these too.


And we just got in Bruttino, the cactus pup, and Carina, the cactus cat, in stock, they are 2 inches tall, and come in a cute box, $12 each...and Sandy/Cactus Girl is in stock too, $25, (not shown), but she's on the online store. This stuff will sell out fast, so if you want something, don't wait. It is available on the online store and in the store. We have not received the tokidoki x hello kitty wallets, plush, id cases, and other accessories yet, they should be here in another couple of weeks...they were a little delayed, but they should be here very soon. See you this weekend! xoxo, Jamie

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