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New Rare Stuff From Japan!

April 25, 2008

Hi, We just got some rare items from Japan that we love!

Here is Jalissa with the new Hello Kitty Frying Pans. They are 12 inches long, the actual pan that you cook on is 7 inches, they come in red or blue, $26 each

We also got this Hello Kitty Library Clock. It has Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, (Anything with Dear Daniel is super hard to find). Daniel can move up and down the ladder, and Hello Kitty's rocking chair rocks, and the clock is an actual working clock. It measures 8 x 6 inches, $26

This is Blue Kitty. This is an interesting collaboration between Sanrio, Blue Teddy, and A.Nation. Blue Teddy is a Blue Teddy Bear and A.Nation is a group in Japan that puts on music festivals. Blue Kitty measures 11 inches tall, comes in white or blue wearing t-shirt. This is a licensed Sanrio item from Japan, $28 each.

We have Tire Dogs again! Tire Dogs are really hard to find. We have them in 5 different colors with 5 different things on their tire: red tire with apple, yellow tire with warm steaming bread, pink Girl Tire Dog with cloud (I think),on her tire, green tire with phone receiver, and blue tire with fish. They measure 10 inches tall, and are $28 each

Tarepandas! These are 3 inch plush Tarepandas with ball chain keychain, $8 each. This is a special 10th Anniversary edition with a tarepanda lying on a ball. There are 6 different colored balls, and if you just want a plain Tarepanda, you can easily cut him off the ball...

like this...

We just got pocket ninjas in, they are 4 1/2 inches tall, and they are just really cool! $10 each.

Cheburashkas! We are obsessed with Cheburashkas. For his story, go to our characters section on our website. It is a random cute story. These are 6 inches tall, and we have Cheburashka standing, holding a frog, and kicking, $16 each, from Japan.


I also just put up the 16 Inch Gloomy Bear Plastic Guys on our online store. I noticed they weren't on here. We still have some left black with blood, and pink w/extra blood, $30 each. That's all for now! See you guys this weekend! xoxo, Jamie

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