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Hello Kitty Bling And Hello Kitty Food Charms!

April 18, 2008

We just got in these super cute phone charms of Hello Kitty dressed as an ice-cream cone, donut, cream puff, and strawberry cake. They are a squishy, squeezable material, and they are only $3.50 each. These cannot be sold online, only in the store and we will take phone orders for them if you buy at least 2 at a time or order other stuff too!

Hello Kitty Bling! Gold colored metal with pink faux diamonds. Here is the mirror, it's $66, and the keychain is $25

The business card holder is $35 and pill box (not shown), $30.

There's tons of other stuff in the store and online too! Check it out! And check out our new forum...It is working now!! xoxo, Jamie

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