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Super Fun New Website And New Stuff!

April 10, 2008

The new website is up! You can now shop by "category," "brand", and by "characters." There is also a new forum and a Calendar where we will post events going on around town. There is also going to be a picture gallery which will be up as soon as I finish getting all the pictures together.

Here is some new stuff for you! We just got the new tokidoki dresses back in, $56, and this cute Dookie-Bloo Plush, $30.

Here is Jalissa wearing the tokidoki records tanks, ($40), and holding one of the new Monotone Gloomy Bears, this one is all pink, $28.

Here's Steph wearing the polka dot tokidoki tank top, with the pink-haired girl on it, $40, and she is holding the other 2 Monotone Gloomy Bears, in all black and all white, $28.

We have the new 2nd Anniversary Edition Gloomy Bears in, solid gold and solid silver, with the anniversary logo embroidered on the foot, $26

These are the new Chocolate Gloomy Bears, with chocolate on his claws and mouth, and on his chest in the shape of a heart, and there are ants trying to get the chocolate by his mouth...we have red, pink, and white, super random and cute item, $28

Here are the new 4inch Gloomy Claw Keychains...they all come with blood on the claws...we have pink, white, red, blue, yellow, and black...these are so great, $9.50 each.

We have the BumbleBee Transformer...He plays music from the movie and moves his head and his eyes light even plays the Devo song, "Whip It," $130.

Big Chuberashka is in...I love him...He measures 21" wide, $29.95

We just got a bunch of cute girly artsy stuff, like these mirrors, the artist on the front is Kukula...there are close up pics on the online store...

We also have these cute lunchboxes by Tama...and Pocky!

And here is pocket stache, a plush moustache with eyes, cute for taking ridiculous pictures...p.s. his favorite snack is crumbly cookies... That is it for now...I hope you like the new site. We have new hours! We are open Sunday - Thursday 11am - 7pm, and Friday & Saturday 11am - 8pm xoxo, Jamie

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