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February 27, 2008

February 27, 2008


We got in soooo much cute Gloomy Bear stuff! Don't forget our favorite gloomy right now...white with gold or white with silver....Here's a picture with Kei so you can see how big they are...only $32...

We have the mittens. They come in bloody claws and no blood on claws: ($24 a pair).

and....they come as bear mittens with blood and without blood ($24):

We have the "Before & After" series Gloomy Bears. Here is Gloomy "before" (as a fuzzy baby), $18:

Here is Gloomy Bear "After" (when he grows up and attacks Pity) $20:

Here is broken Gloomy Bear with chewed off ear, (before) $18:

Then they fixed him and made him into a Robot Gloomy Bear (After) $20:

We just got in the new Gloomy Bear t-shirts. Here is Kei wearing them, $29.95:

and...we have them in women's too...sorry no model, but they are really cute, ($24.95):

We also got in more Gloomy Bear mugs, stationary, and journals.

New pizza slices keychains are here...they are awesome...$3 each...there's 6 different kinds of pizza...these are Joy's Special, Monterey, and Pizza-La Light (I don't know why they would call the pepperoni/mushroom pizza light...hmmmmm....anyway they are cute!)

and these awesome classic Hello Kitty watches, only $29.95

I think that's it for now...

p.s. if you ordered the hello kitty x tokidoki necklace, it should be in this week and we should be shipping them out to you on Monday.




648 N. Fuller Ave. (off Melrose Ave.)

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 934-5201

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