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Limited DomoKun! Mario For Girls! Random Stuff We Like!

Come to our party on Wed, May 14th, at Bordello's in Downtown L.A. Love Psychedelico, from Japan, will be performing a live acoustic set and we will be playing their new cd, and Kyle Ng will be djing too! It is free if you rsvp and, there is free Asahi beer from 9pm-10pm. If you check our myspace, (, there is a video of them. They are rad!

We just got in a bunch of cute stuff. First, is the Limited Domokun Flocked Vinyl Figures...they are 8" tall, and come in a box...only 250 were made of the white, (already sold out), 500 fuchsia, 500 royal blue...these are sooo cute...and perfect for your favorite domokun-loving friend...$39.99 each.

Here's Steph holding one of the new Domokuns...and she's wearing the new "Mario riding on Yoshi" t-shirt for girls...they finally started making video game t-shirts for girls...$24.00...she has a new hair color too...redddddd....

We got new curtains for our dressing room...these random anime maid girls...I think they're funny...Here is Steph in the new "Mario in Frog Suit" t-shirt for girls, $24, and she's holding these new Kaniza toys we just got...see next picture to see all of them...

Kaniza Cluster 01 Blind Boxed Toys...they measure 3.75" to 4.25" these are super cute and you can take their heads off and there are more pictures underneath...check the online store for another picture of these, $12 each.

Gold Foil Pacman t-shirt on a black t-shirt...We have this in men's and women's sizes, $24 each...and we still have more gold and silver gloomy bears, $26, these are the 2nd Anniversary Special Edition ones...This looks like one of those papparazzi pictures that they take of celebrities goooood....

Racoon Mario T-Shirt for girls, $24...and new tiredog purse...(he is upside down, because he is supposed to be rolling in the tire...ha ha!), $19.95...Steph looks super emo in this pic...

Post Pets x Touma Plush Collaboration...These are so rad, and hard to find...only $15 each

Elephants are back...this is the last time we are getting them, $25 in store, $28 online, since shipping is more on these bc they are big.

Happy Tofu Pillows...we only got a few in, so we didn't put them online...$25 each, in store only...super cute!

Cat with Fish in his mouth pillow...$18

White Gloomy Bears on Sale Now! Choose gold or silver claws, eyes, and blood, was $32, now only $25...these are big and awesome!

New Hello Kitty Stuff from Japan! Hello Kitty Eating Desserts Bag Charms, 3 inches tall, 3 colors, only $6 each, and comes with ball chain to attach to purse or keychain.

Hello Kitty Geisha Plush, 6.5" tall, 4 colors.

Hello Kitty Onsen Light, $26

We got more of the My Melody Mushroom Plush back in, they're 5.5" tall, choose from 6 different colors, $15 each

Super Mario Keychains, $4 each Come by, there is other stuff too, that you will love! xoxo, Jamie

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