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New Gloomy Bears, Sanrio Surprise Bags And More!

May 16, 2008

We have tons of cute stuff right now! Check out Steph's new hair color...back to black... Here's a video of one of the new Gloomy Bears we just got in...

Press Gloomy Bear's paw and his arm starts moving and hitting Pity the Boy...$28 each...grey or pink...use 3 AA batteries, not included...

The new big 16 inch plastic Gloomys are in...We just got in the pink one with hot pink eyes and grey with blood...We still have some of the pink with extra blood and black with blood too! These are poseable and can stand or sit down and their arms and legs move, $30 each

Here's a pic of Anthony, from Capsole, an awesome hat and shoe store around the corner from us...He is so amped on gloomy in this pic! Check out their myspace at

These are the new Gloomy Bear keychains...We have the ones of just his head, 2 inches big, and smaller claws 2.5inches long...only $4.50 can be like Steph and put a million on your cellphone...We have white, pink, or grey in the gloomy head...and white, pink, red, or grey in the claws

Here's a closer pic...

This is the new pacman ghost t-shirt for girls...Steph is wearing a medium...they run true to size...$24

We got the Nintendo Sound Plush back in stock...We have turtle shell, star, and Goomba...when you hit them, they make sounds from the Super Mario Video Game, $25 each

Sanrio Surprise Bags worth over $125 each are only $40. These are premade by Sanrio, and are packed with lots of stuff. We opened one, and it had things like purses, notepads, plush, pens, keychains and more! We cannot ship these out. You can only buy them in the store.

We have new Hello Kitty stuff in too...It's kinda hard to see in this picture, but we have a bling Hello Kitty bow, $30, and a cute Hello Kitty Locket necklace, $23...We also got in another bling Hello Kitty necklace, but I couldn't take a good picture of it, so you have to come in to the store to see that one...We also got in other cute Sanrio stuff, like zipper pulls, Gothic Lolita Rabbit Hello Kitty Plush from Japan, wallets, check book covers, spoon/fork set, pencil sharpeners and more! That's it for now! I'm putting this stuff on the online store right now! xoxo, Jamie

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