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What About Chococat?

So, we never give Chococat any love...So, this is a blog dedicated to Chococat!


This is the Chococat Bling Necklace we got in the other day. Someone emailed me and asked for a picture. We can't sell these online, but you can buy them at JapanLA or we can do a phone order, ($32). The charm is almost 1 inch wide (it's 7/8 of an inch), and the chain is 24".


Here's Zury wearing the Chococat necklace, so you can get an idea of how big it is on a person. (sorry I am challenged at taking pictures of shiny objects...whoever wants to give me the secret on how to do it, please leave a comment or email me...thanks!)


This is a cute compact mirror we have at JapanLA right now, it's only $3.50


This is a really cute Chococat stamp set, ($8.95, only in store).


I found this cupcake on flikr, and I thought it was soooo cute...I have to ask permission to put a link to her flikr, so you can see her other Sanrio cupcakes...super cute!


I also found this Chococat Cake, and a link on how to make a Hello Kitty cake and change it into a Chococat cake on


And I found this website called that makes awesome cookies...they made these Chococat cookies, and they can send you cookies too, if you live in the U.S. I've never tasted them though, but they look yummy!

And, here's the story of Chococat. I found it on the Sanrio website:

"Although this little boy cat tends to be a little scatterbrained at times, he's always up on the latest news (thanks to the ultra-sensitive "antenna" whiskers). He gets his name from his chocolate-colored nose. He has fun playing around his house (the "Choco-choco house")with his friends Cookie-bau, Nutz, Jellybean, and the Duckies. His birthday is May 10th.


Ok, Bye!



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