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Fun With Totoro And Friends!

October 07, 2008

So, I took a picture of myself wearing the new Totoro Hat we got in because I thought no one would come in and take pictures for my blog today...but some friends stopped by today and participated in my daily blog madness!


This is Genghis wearing the Totoro Hat with Peekaboo!


And this is Peekaboo! He makes really cute art, check him out at Make him paint you something...


This is Anthony. You can find him at Capsole around the corner from us,


Gary Baseman came by today too to show me his new Chou Chou toy. It is very cute. Gary has a website too


We have these really cute Totoro phonecharms in too! They are only $5.00 each. Totoro is really hard to find and usually really expensive, so scoop these up before they're gone!


Totoro nails! My friend, Manny, sent me this pic a while ago. I love it! Go get your nails done! Print this pic out and give it to your nail lady and send me pics!


This is my picture of me wearing the totoro hat...looks like I didn't need it but thought I'd include it anyway. All of this stuff is available on the JapanLA online store, just click "Shop" and "New" and you will see it. xo, jamie

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