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Sexy Gloomy Bear Claw Pics Starring Kei!

So, we have a new girl working here, Lindsay. She recently told me that I should really try to do blogs more often because people read them and it helps show people what we have in the store. So, I decided I am going to try really really hard to post some sort of blog everyday. I realize that we have SO much stuff at JapanLA that people who live far away don't get to see it! So, here is day one of "Blogging Everyday!"


We got more of the Gloomy Bear 9 Inch Clip On Claws, but new colors! Here is Kei wearing the Yellow (with Blood) one, and we clipped a black one on his bike too!


This would be the "Sexy Gloomy Bear Pic" as described in the title of this blog.


Here is Kei being normal...nice.


These are all the colors we have in stock right now of the paws...they are really cute! ($10 each).


I clip mine to my tokidoki bag. P.S. this is not my bag, just thought it would be weird to put something up that you can't buy right now.

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