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tokidoki Concerto Bags And Other Stuff!

The new tokidoki Concerto Punk bags are in stock! We took pictures of all of the ones we got in again, so you can pick the character placement you want. I posted the Bacio and Carezza on our website , and the other styles: Graziosa, Magia, Amica, Creativa, Sorriso, will be up today. It just takes me forever to crop the pics and post them. So, you can always call or email us if you don't want to wait for us to post the pictures up. Here is a pic of the Carezza bag, ($184.)



We also have new JapanLA X Hello Drama Bow Necklaces. Hello Drama is Nylon Pink's company. They make super cute jewelry, and they did a custom JapanLA necklace for us.It is a hot pink mirrored bow with JapanLA lightly etched on it with a teddy bear charm. Here is a pic of Cat, from Nylon Pink, wearing it, ($30). (p.s. the necklace is just the bow on a chain, the other necklaces are cat's necklaces she was wearing).





Here is a pic of the Gloomy Bear Tin Trash Cans, they are so rad. They are great for your bathroom or office. Even your trash can be cute, ($28).



We just got in some Hookups T-Shirts for men. We have the old school tribute to Clockwork Orange. A lot of people were searching for this a long time ago, and they finally remade it. We also have the deck in stock too! We have the Battle Force tee (shown below), and the Schoolgirls fighting tee and the Counter Attack tees (not shown), ($19.50).



Here is Kei with the new Hello Kitty Tea Kettles. These are so cute. I have one at home and I use it everyday to make my tea in the morning. (this is what "forcing kei to take a picture when he doesn't want to" looks like, thanks kei.)



These are the new Extra Bloody Gloomy Bears and Kei, (still not wanting to take pictures)



There is also other new stuff, like Chococat bling necklaces, new Hello Kitty wearing a pink hoody plush, Kuromi mirror keychains, Super Mario all-over print men's hoodies. This stuff is only available in the store though, so you won't find it on the website.



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