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tokidoki Eco Mondo Bags, Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear Pandas!

Hi, We have the new tokidoki Eco Mondo Bags in and we are trying something new. We are taking pictures of all the bags we got in, so you can choose that specific bag to be sent to you. This way you get the character placement of the bag you want! Here are some pics of the new bags!




We also got in a lot of cute Hello Kitty items from Japan like these Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cones, 6 flavors ($12 each)


And these super soft fuzzy Hello Kitty dressed as sheep, bear, panda,puppy, bunny, or chick, ($12 each)


And we got in a bunch of phone charms with Totoro and Astroboy characters ($5 each), and these Hello Kitty Phone Charms...there are over 100 different ones, and they are super cute. We are making these mystery phonecharms where we randomly pick them for you, ($3 each)

These super cute Gloomy Pandas came in with a tire on them. They are 10" high, and come in 5 bright colors...We cut the tire off on some of them, if you don't like the tire...I don't know what the tire means...its a mystery??? ($27 each)



And we have Gloomy Bear Ramen Bowls...there are 2 different pictures. Here is Natassia holding one. They are soooo cute! ($28 each)



There is more stuff too...We will post these items on the online store shortly...or come in the store and see them. xoxo, Jamie

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