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Pretzel Fun With Onch And Rainbow Girls!

October 09, 2008

True Mee and Michelle came by JapanLA last night and we did a photoshoot after hours. Onch from that show "Paris Hilton's My New Bff" came by and we decided to take pics of his cute pretzel necklaces!


This is True Mee and Michelle. They are so cute! We have this pretzel necklace available at JapanLA now and at, ($170.00)


You can also buy one pretzel and put it on a chain, these are $45. We have 7 colors in stock: hot pink, blue, red, green, white, black, and yellow.


This is Onch. He is so fun and cute! He hand makes each one of these necklaces, so they are very special...we love them!


Here's a behind the scenes pic...and yes, those are new tokidoki t-shirts the girls are wearing...stay tuned for more pics from this night on tomorrow's blog...

And check out Onch on Paris' Bff show on MTV. You can also watch it on Onch is the best character!



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