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Cute tokidoki Concerto Punk Pics!

October 10, 2008

New tokidoki Concerto Punk clothing is here! Here are the pics of True Mee and Michelle that we took on Wed night! They brought some of their clothes and made some cute tokidoki outfits!


This is a pic of the new jacket, $125 and hoody, $110. The hoody is reversible. The other side is a tokidoki leopard print...super cute!


This is the back of them!

This is the new pizza tee, ($33) and striped tokidoki long sleeve, $62.


Americano tee on the left, and Adios & Ciao Ciao Skating tee on the left, $33 each.


This is the new Cactus Rocker v-neck tee, $48.


The end of a long night...Thanks True Mee and Michelle for being models for us! (Yellow Bastardino tee and white Arlecchinoo tee, $33.)



P.S. Yes! There are men's tees too. Sorry I didn't have time to post them, but we have the Bastardino and skull guy in red, Arcellino in Black, and Pizza Tee on a grey tee...$33. Please call or come in for those. They will be posted on to the website after the weekend.

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