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Cute Animal Hats In Time For Halloween!

October 13, 2008

We just got in these super cute, fleece animal hats! Just in time for Halloween! They are made from 100% polyester polar fleece, and are stretchy and fit most adult heads, $28 each.


Olivia and Kyle stopped in for a second and tried on the Fox and Panda hats for us.


This is Lindsay, she is our newest addition to JapanLA. You have her to thank for enforcing the "blog a day" policy. This is the white bunny hat, and it has light pink on the inside.


We also have a black bunny hat. This is what it looks like with the ears down.


This is the black cat hat.


This is Chris, he stopped by JapanLA today. He is wearing the brown bear hat.


This is me wearing the cow hat.


We also got in these Panda Hoodies. We only have a few in size Small and Medium. This is Lindsay making a Panda face, $70.

These make great easy Halloween costumes...and you can wear them after Halloween when it starts getting colder. Last time we had them a lot of people wore them snowboarding/skiing. If you want these before Halloween, please order before Friday the 24th...or Monday the 27th if you live in CA, but that would be pushing it because we'll probably sell out. We cannot reorder these before Halloween because we get them from Canada. So, don't wait to get one.



p.s. We got more Gloomy Bear Plush Hats in Grey, but we only have 2 left. So, if you were one of the people that were bummed we sold out. I did get a few more in. We also have about 8 pink ones left.

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