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Meet The Tummie Friends! Fafi Wall Decals!

February 07, 2010


We have Tummie Friends Plush at JapanLA right now! These are cute food plush. Their story is they make candy, and each character has a specific job. These are perfect for Valentine's Day!

This is Waffles!


Mr. Sprinkles! We heart things with mustaches around here. The black one is a limited edition glow-in-the-dark version. We only have a couple of those left.


Taffie Fairy and Miss Fruitcake!


Here they are making candy!


These plush measure 7.5" wide x 6.5" tall, $15 each.


They are available on our online shop HERE! We also finally got more FAFI Wall Decals in. They are $85 if you pick them up in the store, or $90 if we have to ship it to you. The decal measures 59" x 24". It's the one we have up on our wall at the JapanLA store.


There are 2 other decals up on our online shop by TADO


I will be posting more cute stuff on here as fast as I can. Check the online shop NEW section for new items we are putting up...and add us on twitter for quick pics of new stuff we get in.

XO, Jamie

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