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The Grilled Cheese Truck And New Hello Kitty Purses!

The Grilled Cheese Truck is coming to JapanLA this Saturday, Feb 27th, for lunch! They will be parked out front 12pm-3pm serving up their yummy sandwiches.



Some of the tasty items on the menus are: the plain and simple melts, Cheesy Mac & Rib (has macaroni & cheese, bbq rib meat, carmelized onions), so awesome! There's also tomato soup and a dessert melt with nutella, marshmallows, and bananas. Check out their menu at



We also just got in the new Hello Kitty Giant Face bags. They are quilted and have a bow print inside. We have white and black. Here is white, $54.99. We also have the matching coinpurses, $16.95.



Here is a pic of the shiny black one. I heart these! I can't decide which color to get!



And another pic of the white.



And, we restocked on Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters, HK Bling lockets with pink or black bow, HK Outline bling bow with black bow, Camilla D'Errico necklaces and card cases.

See you this weekend!

XO, Jamie

P.S. Sorry for the funky blog today...I am switching from PC to Mac, and am struggling...and won't have photoshop until the the meantime, you get twitter pics of me and stock photos from the internet...thanks for bearing with me!

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