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Getting Ready For Valentine's Day! Great Gifts!

February 05, 2010

We are getting ready for Valentine's Day! We have lots of great gifts, and new stuff too! Like these new Pecanpals Plush, by Noferin, $19.99 each.


There are 9 characters to choose from, all with names and stories. These are about 13" tall, and are super soft plush. We heart them.


New Jibibuts Wooden Figures made from sustainable harvested rubber wood, measure 2.5" - 3.5",by Noferin. These are blindboxed. There are 12 plus 2 special rare gold or silver versions, $9 each.


New! Gloomy Bear as a Teddy Bear. These are so cute, and are going fast. He has wooden buttons on his sides, like a teddy bear, $29.95 each. Choose brown, pink, or tan.


Here are the earmuffs we have been talking about! Choose Panda!


Or...Hamburger. We also have Strawberry found on our online shop. These are only $8 each!


I heart cute food. Lots of cute bento boxes in this book titled, "Face Food," $12.95.


This one is called, "Face Food Recipes," and shows you how to make cute bento or "charaben" at home, $14.95. Look! A Rilakkuma Bento! So cute!


All of these items are up on our shop HERE! ! More cute items will be posted ASAP!!! Come by this weekend for more stuff not up on the site yet!

We also have lots of sale items available in our store, and we added some to our SALEsection of our online store.

XO, Jamie

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