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Domo! Hello Kitty! Halloween Party! Yay!

October 28, 2010
New cute Domo just arrived! Skeleton Domo is super cute, $8.99 each.
Domo String Lights, $15
Hello Kitty String lights too, $24.
Cute! Candy Windmills, $4.25 each. We still have colorful gloomy bears too, $24 each.
Giant Hello Kitty Fluffy Pillow, $ cute! We only have a few of these.
Hello Kitty Women's Longsleeve Tee, $37.95
Hello Kitty Women's Burnout Tee, $26.95
Hello Kitty Cute Bling Keychain...Choose Black HK with white hat and bling necklace or White HK with bling headphones and bling necklace...these are super cute, $25 each.
Hello Kitty & Chococat Bolster Pillows, $35 each.
Shiny, Sequin Hello Kitty Face Purses, with long chain strap, choose pink, black, or silver, $25 each.
Mr. Corn...choose happy or sad corn, $20 each.
Cute testicle and ovary plush, $14 each
Come to our fun Halloween Party too! JapanLA and some friends are all sponsoring it. It is a religious theme...which means the staff will be dressed as nuns, priests, popes, etc. It will be a fun party!
The party is at Royal Clayton's in downtown LA
1855 Industrial St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
No list, just show up! Prizes for best costume, goody bags for 1st 100, $1 PBR, $2 Shots, and we'll be there!
Happy Halloween!
We are open everyday 11am-7pm. Come visit us!
XX, Jamie

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