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Kigurumi Adult Costumes & Hats From Japan! New Hoodies Too!

Just in time for Halloween, we just got in Kigurumis from Japan! We have the plush hats and the costumes! Kigurumi is the Japanese name for "costumed animal characters." These are for adults and fit men and women.
Official Pikachu Costume $79.99, Dinosaur $64.99
These costumes are super popular in Japan. Girls wear them on any given day in Japan, not just Halloween. We have the Kuromi and Hello Kitty costumes pictured here, $74.99 each.
My Melody Costume, $74.99
Wolf Costume, $64.99
Panda Costume, $59.99
Hamster Costume, $59.99
New Kigurumi Hats in stock too! Dinosaur Plush Hat, $21.95
My Melody Plush Hat, $21.95
We also have the Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Korillakuma, and Pikachu hats back in stock! Click HERE to see them! These ran out very quickly last time we had them, so don't wait to get these, especially if you want them in time for Halloween!
Here's a pic of how to wear a Kigurumi "Japan Style", you can push the sleeves up and add accessories and Ganguro make-up!
New Hoodies from Japan came in too! In Japan, they say "Free Size," instead of "One-Size-Fits-All." These hoodies are long and loose fitting, so they fit women's sizes Small-Medium-Large!
Cute Rabbits, Hearts, Skulls, Chocolate, and More, All-Over Print Zip-Up Lightweight Hoody, $66
I am obsessed with anything having to do with "Outer Space" right now, so this hoody is my favorite. It has an open hood with a drawstring in the back, and you can use the hood as a scarf too, $66. We also have the "Space" Duffel Bag, $55.95
Reversible Poodle Poncho, $90, this is so cute! Reverse it for a cute red plaid print, has hood too, $90.
Cute Puffy Jacket, with faux fur inside, this one has cats on it, $78
This one has all kinds of cute things on it like cats, hearts, rabbits, apples with teeth, etc, $78
Cute Bear Sweatshirt Dress, super cute, $66
There's more of this new brand, Scolar, from Japan if you click HERE!
One more thing! Cute Comic Book Print Hello Kitty Rolling Luggage from Loungefly, $159.
And the matching Travel Bag that fits perfectly on top of the luggage, over it's retractable handle, $95.
Check out the NEW SECTION on the online shop for more new items we just added this week!
See you this weekend!
XX, Jamie
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