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Cute Food Art & NEW Summer Sanrio!

June 22, 2016

If you haven't had a chance to come check out our Super Kawaii Food Art Show, it is up in our Store until July 7th! Some of the pieces are still for sale. You can purchase on our online store - Here!

Kozy Kitchens - Wasabi Wabisabi - Original Art, $1,200. This beautiful art piece features a ceramic sushi set with real gold, silver, and mother of pearl lusters. Includes the handmade cup, plate, sushi, and wooden tray. Wooden Tray measures 10" x 10" and each piece of sushi measures about 2.8" long.


Eimi Takano - Magical Egg Prince - Original Art, $185. Handmade sculpture, resin and wood. Measures 7" tall.

We have a bunch of cute NEW stuff from Sanrio! These are all available in store or you can call/email to order them.

Gudetama is ready to come with you to your local grocery store in his tiny shopping cart, $11! Giant Gudetama Sticker Sheet, $11; Gudetama Bacon Plush Charm, $7.99.

These Stackable Pom Pom Purin Plush are so cute! They come together in one set, $45! Write down cute notes in this Pom Pom Purin Memo Pad, $5.

Hello Kitty for Baby! Pacifier Clip, $12; Plush Bib, $16.50.

Summer has officially started, and it is off to a hot start! Keep your food and drinks cool with these Hello Kitty Insulated Lunch Bags, $26, and Mugs $24 each.

Stay hydrated with these super cute Sanrio Original Water Bottles! Choose between Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Gudetama, $13 each.

Keep out of the sun with these Sanrio Original Umbrellas! Choose between My Melody or Little Twin Stars, $20 each, or Hello Kitty Umbrella with molded Hello Kitty-shaped head, $22.


NEW Hello Kitty x Vinca Jewelry has arrived! Hello Kitty Mermaid Necklace, $42; Mermaid Dangle Earrings, $34; Hello Kitty Unicorn Necklace, $42; Unicorn Dangle Earrings, $34.

Check out our Instagram & Snapchat where we post cute NEW things everyday! 

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