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Sanrio x Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Available Online NOW!

June 17, 2016

Sanrio x Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Available Online NOW!

Girl Skateboards & Sanrio teamed up and created these super special Gudetama Skateboard Decks. They are now available on our online store, $65 each, (or $60 in the store if you pick up in person. They are heavy to ship, so we have to add the extra charge for shipping and packaging.)

These Gudetama x Girl Skateboards Men's Tees look great on guys & girls! Choose between Black or White, $22 each.

Chococat & Chocolate Skateboards created these super cute Chococat Skateboard decks! Choose your favorite style, $65 each, (or $60 in-store.)

Everyone loves chocolate! This Chococat x Chocolate Men's Tee is super cute and also looks great on both girls & guys, $22.

We were so excited to see Mike Carroll, one of the founders of Girl Skateboards and OG skater we love, at our 10 Year Anniversary Party! He signed this deck for a fan. This was the first deck Sanrio did with Girl Skateboards. (sorry, that one is not available anymore.)

Rick Howard also a co-founder of Girl Skateboards & Chris Roberts from Chocolate Skateboards also stopped by the party! (and Kenny Anderson from Chocolate, but we missed taking a picture with him). In this picture, from left to right are: Bebe, Chrissa Sparkles, Rick Howard, Jamie (owner of JapanLA), Stephiee (Creative Director of JapanLA Clothing), Chris Roberts, and Michelle Nguyen (Chubby Bunny).

Eggmoji Prints by Plasticgod, from our Super Kawaii Food Art Show are now available online! These canvas prints are available for pre-order so you can order as many as you want, $20 each.

The NEW Vinca jewelry that was made specially for our Kawaii Food Art Show is now available online! Choose between the Bubble Tea Necklace, $42; Glam Ham Necklace, $42; Sriracha Unicorn Sauce Necklace, $42; or Sparkle Heart Emoji Earrings, $20.

We also have some other super cute Vinca Foodie earrings available online!

XL Donut Earrings, $32; Ice Cream Cone Earrings, $32; XL Watermelon Earrings, $36; XL Bomb Pop Earrings, $32; Snow Cone Necklace, $42.

Bacon Earrings, $16; Egg Stud Earrings, $16; Chicken & Waffle Stud Earrings, $16; Naturo Fish Cake Stud Earrings, $18; Avocado Stud Earrings, $24.

We get new shipments in 1-3 times weekly, so make sure to visit us often or check out our Instagram & Snapchat where we post cute NEW things everyday! 

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