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NEW Clothing Collaborations: Crowded Teeth & 100% Soft's Kaiju Kitties!!

We are trying something new! Pre-Orders!! We make our clothing in small quantities, but know the demand is high for our special collaborations. So, we are offering pre-orders so you can make sure to receive the clothing you want and make sure you receive it in your size, before it sells out. 

We are now taking pre-orders for our new Crowded Teeth x JapanLA Magicalpacas Collection, (and you get a free pin if you pre-order)!

Magicalpacas used to be known as "The Wonderful Magnificent Magical Alpacas," but everyone was in such a hurry to see their cuteness they couldn't find time to say the whole name!

Magicalpacas Cropped Tank Top, $40.

The Magicalpaca Print is so vibrant & magical! This kawaii print shows off the Magicalpacas, flying pandas, unicorn cats, and flying mer-kittens!

Magicalpacas Kimono, $75.

Magicalpacas Tunic Shirt Dress, $75.

For a limited time, if you Pre-Order any of the Magicalapacas Clothing you will also get one of these Crowded Teeth Pins FREE, once the clothing ships! 

We also teamed up with LA Based Artist, 100% Soft! His creation, the Kaiju Kitties are furry cat monsters who terrorize city after city! The only way to stop them is with catnip & laser pointers!

Kaiju Kitty Cropped Tank Top, $40.

Kaiju Kitty Unisex Top, $50.

The Kaiju Kitty Print features all of our favorite Kaiju Kitties terrorizing the city! 

For a limited time only, if you Pre-Order any of the Kaiju Kitty tops, you will receive this 100% Soft Pin FREE! You can also shop all of the 100% Soft pins and plush online HERE!

NEW Sticker Packs from 100% Soft are so cute! Both packs come with 4 scratch & weatherproof stickers the you can use to make your life more kawaii! Choose between the Yummy Luv Sticker Pack or the Kaiju Kitties, $8 each.

More Stickers! Crowded Teeth made this Magic Food Friends Sticker Sheet for our Super Kawaii Food Art Show! Check it out in store & online, $6. 

How does pre-ordering work?  All pre-order items are in the process of being made. Clothing is made in limited amounts, so pre-ordering ensures you will receive the item in your size, and allows us to know how many to make to fill everyone's orders. We will also mail out the pre-ordered items before they are launched online, so you will get it first! Please note, the quantities we post online will be super small quantities, so please pre-order if you really want the item. 

Your credit card or Paypal account will be charged for the full amount when you place your order. The ship date is an estimate of when the item will be available for shipping. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, but will notify you if the ship date changes.  If the item ends up not being made, you will be notified and receive a full refund. As a general rule, pre-orders cannot be canceled if you change your mind.

If you'd rather pick up your order when it arrives, please email us at and let us know you will be picking up your order in the store, and we will refund your shipping. 

If you are placing an order for a pre-order item and an in-stock item together, we will ship the in-stock item with the pre-order item once it is ready. If you would like to receive the in-stock item right away, please place a separate order for that item.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram & Snapchat where we post cute NEW things everyday! 

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