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Its Squishy Time! Yes, We have Slow-Rise!

January 12, 2018

Squishies are back in stock at JapanLA! We just got so many super cute slow-rise squishies and squishy keychains in all different styles! 

The Big Strawberry Shortcake Squishies smell so good and are so fun to squish! Available in Red, Blue & Yellow, $14 each.

Attach these yummy food squishies to your bag as a fun accessory! Avocado, Banana, Orange, Hamburger, $6 each.

These Happy Cake Squishies are extra sweet and fun to squish! Available in Green and Pink, $12 each.

These Bear Squishies are super slow rise and so satisfying to squish! Polar Bear Beanie Squishy $16 each, Ice Cream Bear Squishy $12.

Attach a cute Panda Keychain Squishy to your bag so you can always have a squishy with you, $8 each.

These Jumbo Bread Squishies are fun to squish and smell so good! Attach them to your bag with the attached keychain, Loaf of Bread $18, Baguette $8.


These Pancake Squishies smell just like fresh made pancakes! Attach them to your bag with the attached keychain, $5.

Come by and squish in person if you can or check out our Instagram where we post cute new things everyday!   

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