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New Plushies! Rilakkuma Bread! Kaiju Kitties! Pins & Patches!

January 11, 2018

New Plushies have arrived at JapanLA! These Rilakkuma Bakery Plush are so funny and cute! Display them on your bed or sofa, $30 each. 

Attach these small Rilakkuma Bakery Keychain Plush to your bag as a cute accessory, $12 each.

Kaiju Kitties, by 100% Soft, are back in stock! Adopt one of these cute Kaiju Kitty Plush at JapanLA! Available in Boomu, Megakani, Kokomori, Pangpang, Kimbab & Gimbap, $20-$30 each.


We've restocked on super popular 100% Soft Pins! These are super fun to pin on your hats, bags, and clothes, or give to a friend. Available in Sriracha Friend, Sushi Luv, Donut Galaxy, Lil Truck: Pizza Surfer, Lil VHS, Bekko Kaiju Kitty, Sandwich, Lil Cassette, $8 each.

Decorate your things with these 100% Soft sticker sheets! Sweet Dreams Stickers, Kaiju Kitties, Ghost Friends, $5 each.

Check out these NEW enamel pins from our Artist friend, Crowded Teeth! Severed Party Arm $8, Rainbow Cat Planet $8, Kitty Buddies $12, Mystical Cat $8.

This New Crowded Teeth Reversible Jacket just launched last week, and some sizes are already almost sold out. Hurry and get yours before they sell out completely, $110. Cute pink all-over print on the other side! 

Iron-On patches from Crowded Teeth are out of this world! Chenille Banana Patch $8, Cosmic Sticker Patch Set $12, Ouch Bandage Patch $8, Mystical Cat Patch $8.

Attach these cute new Artist Patches to a jacket or bag as a fun way to personalize your belongings! No Days Off Patch $6, All Cats Love Me Patch $5, Vegan Off The Meat Patch $8, Nachos Supreme Patch $6.

Baby Sasquatch & Baby Yeti Plush are so soft and great to snuggle with. These are really big and have high quality fur, $47 each.

Sailor Moon Q Posket figures will look super cute displayed on your desk or shelf! Available in Sailor Moon Senshi Outfit or Princess Serenity Outfit. These measure 6" tall and come with the figure stand, $28 each.

Check out our Instagram to see more cute new things that just arrived at JapanLA, and stop by the store and see more New Arrivals before we post them.

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