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Moon Prism Power Make Up! NEW Sailor Moon items at JapanLA!

September 05, 2019

Lots of magical new Sailor Moon items have arrived at JapanLA! 

These Usagi and Chibi Moon Plush are so cute! We love their embroidered faces and little bows, $20 each.

These Sailor Moon Body Pillows are so big and huggable! Available in Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity, and King Endymion, $45 each.

This Sailor Moon Sublimated Throw Blanket is so soft and will look extra magical on your bed, $32.

Attach these cute Sailor Moon PVC Keychains to your bag or keys, $8 each.

Keep your cash and cards organized in a cute Sailor Moon Wallet! Sailor Moon Rainbow Wallet $20, Sailor Moon Group Envelope Wallet $26, Sailor Moon Zipper Card Wallet $22, Tuxedo Mask Zipper Card Wallet $22.

Compact Mirror Plush Bag $32, Bunny Backpack $45.

Take your favorite drinks on the go with these cute Sailor Moon Water Bottles, $20 each.


Decorate your things with these Sailor Moon Stickers, $3 each.

Show your love for Sailor Moon by wearing these cute Sailor Moon Accessories! Sailor Moon Earrings $13, Luna Scrunchie $13.

Shop all of these new Sailor Moon items and more we haven't posted yet, in-store this weekend at both our Little Tokyo and Melrose locations! You can also check out our Sailor Moon section online to see other cute Sailor Moon things. 


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