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So Much New Japan Plush & Blind Boxes Just Arrived! Pokemon Terrariums Too!

September 09, 2017

We just received a bunch of new plush & blind boxes from Japan! These items are extra special and hard to find. Come by the shop to see them in person, or shop our New Arrivals to order them online! 

These Large Mochi Cat Nekonyans Plush are so soft and huggable, and so fun to stretch and squish, just like mochi, $32 each.

Everybunny will love snuggling up with these Large Fluffy Bunny Fancy Ribbon Plush! They are so soft and both come with cute polka dot ribbons, $32 each.


These Large Shiba Inu Plush and Large White Cat with Bell Plush will look super cute sitting up on your bed, $32 each.

Attach a cute Mochi Cat Nekonyans Plush Keychain or Fluffy Bunny Fancy Ribbon Plush Keychain to your bag as a cute accessory, $8 each.

This entire Birdy Squad is so adorable! Attach a cute fluffy bird to your bag, phone, or keys as a cute accessory, only $3 each!

Sumikko Gurashi Light Up Capsule Toys will look so cute sitting on your desk! Just push the buttons on the bottom and enjoy a colorful light show, $6 each.

Gudetama Sweets Re-Ment Blindboxes are making us hungry! It's a surprise which one you'll get! Try to collect all 8 yummy different Gudetama Sweets Sets, $9 each, or buy a full set to get a sealed box of 8 to make sure to get all 8.

Moon, Prism, Power, Makeup! These Sailor Moon Mini Compact Mirror Capsule have a little mirror inside and a secret compartment to hide your small treasures, $8 each.

Ever wonder what the inside of a Pokeball looks like? These Pokemon Terrarium Re-Ment Blindboxes give you a magical look inside of our favorite Pokemon's homes! It's a surprise which one you'll get, try to collect all 6 different Terrariums, $13 each.

More cute stuff is arriving soon! Make sure to check out our Instagram where we post cute NEW things everyday! 

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