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Turn your cat into a Bunny, Fruit or Sea Animal! New Pins & Patches Too!

Have you heard of Cat Caps? They are super cute costume hats for your kitty friends and they fit small dogs too! These Bunny Cat Caps are super cute and purrfect for Easter!

It's a surprise which one you'll get! Try to collect all 5 different colors, $6 each.

Fruit Cat Cap, $6 each. Which is your favorite? Watermelon, Orange, Melon, Banana, Strawberry, or Apple? 

Turn your kitty into a cute sea animal with these Aquarium Vol. 2 Cat Caps, $6 each.

Cute Animal Blind Boxes! Cafe Du Meow Keychains $7, Sitting Cat Figures $5, Edge-of-Glass Figures (Putitto): Shiba Inu $5 and Pug $5. 

Animal Foodie Squishy Blind Boxes! Choose Mochi Animals wrapped in a leaf or Animals inside Tempura, $6.50 each. 

Japanese Artist, Konatsu, creates a cute character that is part cat and part monster, called Negora. These patches are hard-to-find. Choose Negora & Koi $12, Negora Taiyaki $12, Negora Kumade Patch $14. We also have Ohonneko Patches by K2Toy (Samurai Cats), $12. 

Ohonneko Pink Pin $10, Negora Koi Black Pin $10, Negora Koi White Pin $10, Negora Taiyaki Red Pin $10.

100% Soft Enamel Pins are restocked and we have a few new ones! These always sell fast and are great for your pin collection, $8 each.

100% Soft Sticker Patches Available in Pizza, Burger, Taco, and Ramen, $5 each.

We've restocked on these cozy Kigurumi Onesies! $60 - $79 each. These are the official Kigurumi they sell in Japan! 

Don't forget to mark your calendars to meet Tokage on March 30th, 11am-4pm. This will be the first time a Sumikkogurashi is coming to visit the U.S. More info about the "Sumikkogurashi Welcome Spring" Party, at JapanLA Little Tokyo, on our Facebook Events page! 


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