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Pusheen Squishies! Jumbo Plush + More New Pusheen!!

New Pusheen Cuteness has just arrived!! These New Pusheen Squishy Keychains are so cute and fun to squish! They come with a ballchain so you can hang them on anything! Choose Pusheenicorn, Regular Pusheen, Purple, Mint, or Pink Pusheen Squishies, $13 each. 

We love Pusheen & Food together on these Squishies! We have Pusheen on Burger, Pusheen on Pizza, Pusheen in Burger, Donut, Popcorn, and Cupcake, $13 each.

Perfect for your Easter Baskets!! Pusheen Standing with Egg Plush in Green, Strawberry Banana, and Cotton Candy Pink, $15 each.

New Green Pusheenosaurus Slippers, $31.

The Pusheen Spa Headband is perfect for keeping your hair dry on spa day or when you wash your face, $11.

Log Squisheen Plush are back in stock! Small $13, Medium $27, Large $46.

Pastel Rainbow Cushion, $39.

The New Jumbo Pusheen Plush features Pusheen siiting up!! Perfect for the Ultimate Pusheen Fan, $400! 

 Lots more new things keep arriving daily!! Follow us on Instagram @japanla and @japanlalittletokyo to see what's new!! 

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