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NEW iBloom Squishies from Japan! Harajuku Bears!!

March 05, 2019

New and Restocked Official iBloom Squishies have just arrived at JapanLA!

These Slow Rise Harajuku Bear Squishies fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! So soft and fun to squish, $18 each.

iBloom Slow Rise Nyan Pancake Cat, $28

Gudetama Squishy Eggs are back in stock, $10.

Mini iBloom Peach Squishy, $10.

Jumbo Peach Squishies are back in stock! Choose yellow or pink peach, $22 each. 

Pain du Matin Squishy Bread is back in stock! Choose Original (bread-scented) or Strawberry Bread (strawberry-scented), $29 each.

Slow Rise Jumbo Cheesecake looks and smells just like real cheesecake! Rainbow is marshmallow-scented and Original is cheesecake-scented, $32 each.

Or get a Mini Cheesecake Version! Mini Original Cheesecake and Mini Rainbow Cheesecake, $16 each.

Queen Peach Squishy $68. Please email to order! (not online). 

Lots of other Squishies restocked! Check them out in store at both our Melrose & Little Tokyo locations! 

We just got New PUSHEEN SQUISHIES too! We'll do a separate post later this week, but they are online now!!  

Follow us on the JapanLA Melrose Instgram @japanla and the JapanLA Little Tokyo Instagram @japanlalittletokyo  to see more new things as they come in!! 

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