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New!!!! tokidoki Hoodies And T-Shirts!!! Gloomy Bears And Harajuku Lovers Too

Hi! We're back with so much stuff to show you. The new tokidoki hoodies finallly came in...and they also sent some things we weren't expecting yet too. So, here you go! Here's Steph with the new All-Over Print Hoody with Latte, Mozzarella, Happy Bullets and friends. It's $93.

We also got in the all-over print t-shirt. It's $44.

Here's the new black hoody with "TD" on the front, and the all-over printi inside the hood, hearts on the pockets in front, and Mozzarella on the back. It's $93.

Here's the back...

Here's the new Adios Star Zip-Up Hoody. It has an all-over print inside that's black, white, red, and grey with the devil girl, chili peppers, adios star and fantasmino and other tokidoki girls. It says "tokidoki" on the back in some sort of dark red terry cloth fabric and white stitching...hard to explain, but it looks awesome. It's $93.

Here's the short-sleeved, light blue hoody with the devil horns on the hood. It has an all-over print on the inside of the hood and on the front pocket. It's $88.

Here is the first tokidoki sweater. It's black with Adios Star. Here's Steph wearing a medium. She's trying to act like she's taking a school photo...nice.

And guys can wear these too. Here's Kei wearing an XL in women's.

We got in a bunch of new t-shirts too. Here's the Mozzarella shirt in black. We also have it in cream. It's on the online store. It's $44.

And here's the back of the Mozzarella tshirt...

This is the latte shirt in cream. It's $44.

And here's the back.

There's a new barbed wire series from tokidoki. Here is the short sleeved hoody, and it comes with black long sleeves attached to it. You could always cut the black sleeves off if you want to wear it as a short sleeved hoodie. Either way it's cute. It also has the devil horns on the top of the hood. It's $93.

Here's the black barbed wire tokidoki t-shirt. It has the tokidoki logo across it, in red. It's $44. We still have some of the New Era tokidoki Barbed Wire hats too. Those are $45.

Here's the tokidoki barbed wire shirt in white, with flying Adios. It's $44.

This is the tokidoki barbed wire thermal long sleeve shirt, it's $56...and we have the big tarepanda's for sale now. They're $80. I'm not putting them on the online store, but if you want me to send you one, just email us or call us b/c the shipping will cost more since it's so big.

We just got in 5 more styles of tokidoki men's t-shirts. We also still have Bastardino, Spinosa Gatto, Inferno, Devil Cooking Hot Dog, and some other ones. Check the online store for them. They are $32 each. Sorry the pictures are kinda bad. I don't know what's up with my camera settings. Here is the Mama Mia or Pasta Mia, I don't remember...

tokidoki logo...


Dark Rider...

Pirate...(with Steph giving background props...)

We got in some really cute Harajuku Lovers stuff. This really cute zip-up sweatshirt is $99.00.

Here's a cute windbreaker. It's $79.50...oh, and that's squeaky veggie poo, that Steph is holding...we have regular poo's $14.

Here's the inside of that jacket...

We have this red shirt too. It's $44. It says "love" on the front...

and has this girl on the back...We have it in grey too, with a different girl on the back, it's on the online store.

New Gloomy Bears Are In!!!! They come in attack mode, with their arms crossed. We have pink, red, and grey, all come with blood on their paws...cute...they are 14 inches tall. They're only $25. Here's Kei with a bunch of them. The 3 on his lap, are the new ones. We also have the white one and poseable one too, on the online store...and the big 20" one too.

We got the furry gloomy bear arms...they're 9 inches long. You can clip them to your bags or whatever. They are so cute. We got pink w/blood, grey w/blood, red w/blood, and pink w/no blood. They're only $10...and we got more Relaxed Bear bag/phone charms too.

Here's Steph with a gloomy arm clipped onto her purse. We also got in the gloomy bear mugs. They're heat sensitive, so they change color if you put hot or cold drinks in them, $15.

Here's Kei being creepy with the gloomy arms.

We got in some new Gama-Go t-shirts too. Here's their newest Battle Royale t-shirt, Kaiju vs. Giant Squid, $28.

and the Shibuya shirt in black, we also have it in olive green too, $28.

Ok, that's it for now. Come visit us this Labor Day Weekend. We still have some sale stuff left from tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers, Sanrio, and more! xoxo, Jamie

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