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New tokidoki, Gloomy Bear, Gary Baseman, And More!

August 01, 2007

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted a blog for so long...I was at ComicCon for 3 days, hanging out. It was really fun. There are some pictures on the JapanLA myspace, if you want to check them out, go to I just added a bunch of pictures and organized our myspace on Sunday, so check them out and leave us comments. The new tokidoki Tutti print is in....They are soooo cute, and are going fast, so if you want one, email or call us! Here is a pic of Stephanie with the new Avventura tokidoki bag, ($210), and the new big Gloomy Bears we got in.

The Gloomy Bears are the biggest ones we've ever gotten...and they are super hard to find. I didn't even know we were going to be able to get them, but we did. They're $51 on the online store, because they do cost more to ship since they are so big. In the store, they're $50. We have pink w/blood on his claws, mouth, and chest, and red.

The new tokidoki t-shirts are trickling in...Here's the new pirate t-shirt, ($32). We also got in the Mama Mia in light grey, that's the one with the girl serving Adios pasta (sorry no picture)...and that's the Stellina tokidoki, lesportsac tutti bag, ($130).

This is the new tokidoki men's shirt we got in...It's a devil cooking a hot cute and random. This is our friend, Irad, modeling it for us...and check out Stephanie's background props!

We just got in these crazy Gloomy Bear floating rings for the pool. We have the pink one Steph is holding, and a blue one with Gloomy fighting scenes all over it...They're both on our online store...They're $29.95 each.

We have a limited amount of Gary Baseman t-shirts from his art show, "Hide and Seek in the Forest of Chou Chou." They are so cute! Here is me wearing the pink Chou Chou t-shirt, ($30). This one also comes in men's in grey...there's a pic on the online store. So, the story about the Chou Chous is "they suck out the negativity and hatred from the girls and turn it into ooey gooey love, and it comes out of their belly buttons." That's what Gary Baseman tells us anyway...

This one is hilarious...It comes in guys and girls, ($30)...It's just a Chou Chou sucking the negativity from a girl...ha ha!

Here's the 3rd style shirt we have for the Baseman shirts...It's girls running with Chou Chous on them oozing ooey gooey love...we love Gary Baseman...

We also got in the cute hoodies from Jessica Louise with the bear ears on the hood. They come in black and pink. They're ($99.99 each)...oh and we just got in new white gloomy bears with blood...They come with a t-shirt that says, "Please Don't Shoot." We also have pink w/blood wearing a t-shirt too. The t-shirt is removable, we took it off in this picture, ($32).


We got in a bunch of random phone charms and bag charms....We aren't putting these on the online store, it would take way too long, and people are buying them up so, you have to come in for these.

That's it for tokidoki hoodies and stuff should be in a couple weeks...I will let you guys know when we have them! xoxo, Jamie

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