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Creativity Contest Winners! New tokidoki T-Shirts, New Era Hats, Journals...

July 13, 2007

Hi Friends, Here are the contest winners for the JapanLA tokidoki Ultimate Creativity Competition Mind Explosion Extravaganza! JapanLA and tokidoki both judged the contest. It was really hard. You guys all had awesome creative stuff. The 1st Place Winners will each get an Adios and Ciao Ciao figure signed by Simone. 2nd Place Winner will get a Mozzarella figure signed by Simone. 3rd Place Winner will get Bastardino signed by Simone. Just email me your full name, address, phone # to redeem your prize, at Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered. For 1st Place, there was a tie!

1st Place Winner: #12 Cada Baby Helmet

1st Place Winner: #15 Juliani's tokidoki Multipurpose Felt Decorations

2nd Place Winner: #36 Tanda's Milk Lamp

3rd Place Winner: #50 Phuong's Entry


New tokidoki t-shirts came in today. They are different than the regular t-shirts. They are softer and more fitted. They have larger graphics on the front and back, and a new tokidoki tag sewed on the sleeve. They're $44 each. Here's Steph with the Moofia Friends:

Here's Josselyn in the new Mozzarella t-shirt, ($44):


tokidoki Journals and Stationary are here! $9.99 for the journal, and 4.99 for the stationary sets.

3 Styles of the new tokidoki New Era hats are in right now. They're $45. They're on the online store, and you can preorder the other ones too. The other 3 new ones, and 4 remakes of the ones that sold out a while back, will be here on Monday. So, if you want to come by over the weekned, you can get these 3 styles: Kei's wearing the new gold/olive cloud camo hat, and Steph's wearing the blue diamond hat. These are fitted hats, so you have to measure your head or try on a New Era hat, if you're ordering them.

Here's a closeup of Steph:

We also got in new Domokun t-shirts for guys, ($22), here's Kei wearing one and the new silver/grey/blue tokidoki camo hat:

And here's the other pirate domokun shirt and the cloud camo hat:

We have all 6 tokidoki decks back in stock. $76.99 each.

This is Cabello. Kyle just happened to come into JapanLA wearing an awesome headband, which made him look like this character, He's $35, and he's big, about 12" tall. Here's his random story, we love him: Cabello lives on a small island. His only partner on the island is a miniature whale living on top of his head that can never say a word. Because there is no company on the island, Cabello is forever angry and sad. He wishes for more friends to talk with, but because of his temper, mad & shouting, years pass without other creatures ever visiting Cabello. So, he is always alone, wishing for a friend, with a whale on his head.

Hello Kitty Promotion! If you spend $30 or more in Sanrio purchases, you get this cute Hello Kitty tote bag, for $10. It has a retail price of $25. It comes in black or pink, and the lining inside is polka dots. It's made out of heavy canvas, and has a zipper on the side.

We have lots of new Hello Kitty bags in right now...and they're more for adults, bigger and tougher to carry more stuff in. Call us if you want to order any Hello Kitty stuff, we can't put it on the online store.

I think that's it. Come to JapanLA this weekend, and check out the online store too. xoxo, Jamie

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