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Domo Kun Time!

August 05, 2011
Hey Friends! We have a fresh stock of Domo-kun goodies in the shop!
Have a look at these Domo-kun mugs! They are pretty sweet right? But wait, they come with Domo-kun coasters!? Yes. Domo-kun mugs $14.99
We also have some awesome additions to our Domo-kun stationary collection. Small Domo-kun journals $2.99. The letter pads are also awesome! $6.99
Also be sure to come check out some new Hello Kitty gifts!
Feeling hot? Check out these fans!! Perfect for the summer and only $2.00 each!
Well that's all for now! Hope you're all staying cool out there! There is more to see in store than online so be sure to stop by!

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