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August 17, 2011
Hey friends! How have you been? Just wanted to let you know about our new Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cases! We have two different designs available now, in store or phone order only. $29.95
Also, look at these phone charm/screen cleaners! Pretty cute and functional! Available in store or phone order only. $9.50
Besides some new Hello Kitty accessories we have some new work from local jewelry makers. New Melissa Contreras laser engraved keychains! These cute kitties come in a few different designs and are limited! Which one if your favorite?
She also has this deluxe ring available! Look now! Only $40
Trixy, another local jewelry maker created a new My Little Pony necklace! very cool, very limited! Check it out! $120
Hope everyone is having a good summer, I hate to think its almost over! Come see us soon!

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