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Gudetama Eggs, Bunnies, & Unicornos for Easter!

March 09, 2016

Springtime is right around the corner and so is Easter! We made kawaii baskets this year to make gift giving easy! These My Melody & Gudetama Easter Baskets are $50 each and are available in store only. 

We made cute small and medium Gudetama Easter Baskets too! Small contains Gudetama plush, Strawberry Hi-Chew candy, mystery eraser (inside glittery plastic egg), packaged in an egg-shelled plastic basket, $15. Medium Basket contains Gudetama keycap, figure charm, plush, and notepad, $35. Available in store & online.

Make your own Easter Baskets with these super cute NEW goodies! 

Gudetama Charm Figures with Straps. These figures are pretty big, each one measures from 2.5"-3.5" tall, and comes packaged in a clear, plastic box, $6.99 each. 

Gudetama Assorted Food Plush Bag Charms, $7.99 each.

Gudetama Key Cap, $9.99.

Gudetama Large Plush with Bacon Blanket! Each one measures 14 inches! Choose him Laying Down or Sitting Up, $32 each. 

Hop into Spring with a Loppy Bunny Plush Backpack. These are super big at 15" tall, and have a zippered compartment on the back. Official plush by Amuse, $30 each.

These are cute to display too! Choose between White, Gray, or Pink!

New! Tsuchineko Plush Pouch, Series 3! New cute faces, $13.99 each.

New tokidoki Blind Boxes have arrived!! 

Moofia Series 2 Blind Box Figures, $7.95 each.

It's a surprise which one you'll get. Try to collect all 10 cute styles!

New! Unicorno Series 2 Frenzies, $5.95 each.  

Collect all 12 new Unicorno Characters! 



Don't forget to check out our Instagram for more cute new things!

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